Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a contributor for The Wanderluster's Journal?

    To become a contributor for The Wanderluster's Journal, please click here. Guest blogs may be posted, depending on the subject of the post.

What companies do you recommend traveling with?

    If you are a college-aged person we recommend traveling with EF College Break. We have taken a trip with them and had a great experience, and everything was planned and ready for us, so there was no worries. We liked it so much that we have booked another trip with EF College Break already! If you are interested in traveling with EF College Break, please contact us for a referral code for $100 off your next trip!

Are the review blogs you post paid ads for the products or companies they are about?

     No. We are not paid by any company at the current time to post ads via blog reviews for their products or services. In the future this may change, but all blogs, reviews, and ads will be noted that they are paid ads, or are there to generate revenue for our website. Full disclosure here.

How can you afford to take all these trips?

     Working! While being a college student, or after graduating, our staff is working full time to enable them to take the trips that they are planning. Many of us work full time while attending school to allow us to afford the trips we would like to take. Some companies that we book trips with make paying the bill rather easy, check out EF College Break.

Is The Wanderluster's Journal an affiliate marketer for any companies?

     To see a complete list of companies that The Wanderluster's Journal does affiliate marketing for, or is a brand ambassador for, please click here. (Scroll to bottom of page)