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In order to maintain our blog, and allow us to keep this website running, we may partner with companies to promote their products. In order to ensure that our readers are informed of these partnerships, companies that we are working with will be listed further down this page.

On some of the purchases you make using our discount codes, you will get a percentage off your purchase, and we will make a small commission for our part in promoting their product or company. Much of the time, we go out and look at the companies that we like, and ask them to partner with us, that way our readers are helping companies that we would like our readers to help. We would never endorse a company that we do not use already, or that we would not want our readers to use.

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The Wanderluster's Journal also makes money selling photos, as well as other products, in our online store. We encourage our readers to check it out and see if there is anything that they like. If there are any photos you would like, that are not currently for sale, please let us know.

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