EF Ultimate Break: Facebook Groups

If you have ever booked a trip with EF Ultimate Break, you may know exactly what I am talking about, or maybe your experience was totally different. Thats one of the great things that this type of group does enable, and that is so many different experiences, and from the people who I have encountered that have had similar trips, the experiences are always a positive way to begin a trip, especially with people who you may not know personally.

When you book a trip with EF Ultimate Break, you're not just booking a trip, you're booking an experience that you may be going on with a friend, or traveling solo. Don't worry if you're traveling solo, at least half of the people I have traveled with, or will be traveling with, have all been solo travelers! The experience comes from the trip itself and the people that are on the trip with you, so it might be scary to some people to travel with people that they have never met. Luckily for those people, EF does make official Facebook groups for each trip, so that you can "meet" people on your trip before you ever see each other in person. I really is a great way to introduce yourself and possibly even find connections with some of the other travelers in your group.

No matter how it starts, the group will always start off sounding like an AA meeting, or maybe thats just how I picture it. Everyone does their introduction about who they are, if they are traveling with someone, that they are excited, and maybe even what they are looking forward to most, or where they go to school. Everyone does it, and thats pretty much just how it goes when the group starts, because lets be honest, no one is really that good at introducing themselves over the internet to a bunch of strangers, and if you're lucky enough to have someone that is good at it in your group, maybe that makes things much better, and less like an AA meeting.

You will probably have the annoying person that posts a lot of random thoughts, which is me, because sometimes when you're bored at work, that group is one of the things you think about, because you're going to be traveling halfway across the globe with these people in just a few months, so lets try to get a conversation going and maybe find out what made these people want to take this trip. My advice is to post away in these groups, it may annoy some people, but at some point people will start to talk, and that will make meeting everyone al the more fun when everyone has a connection.

Lights... Camera... Action. So if you couldn't guess, since this is pre-trip, people will begin asking questions about their cameras, and possibly seeing what others are bringing, because not everyone has traveled abroad with a $500+ camera to capture the sights, and not everyone wants to be the only person doing exactly that on a group tour. Camera lovers rejoice, you probably will not be the only person wanting to bring something other than your iPhone on the trip to capture amazing photos, even with how far phone cameras have come. (To everyone wondering what I suggest, check out my blog post about the GoPro Hero 5 Black)

Last but not least... you will have people asking what others are thinking they need to pack. Because everyone lives in a different climate, so some people may not have experienced the cold like you may experience in Europe in the winter, and not everyone knows that its (supposed to be) the least rainy time of year in Costa Rica when you travel there in December, but its always a safe bet to bring a rain jacket. This is probably one of the more active times on the group, because obviously its much closer to when you're leaving for your trip and people are either panicking they are barely packed and now stressing, or they are all ready to go a week ahead of time.

No matter what, these Facebook groups are one of the best ways to jumpstart getting to know the people you will be traveling with. They are something there to help EF get you information that you might need, yet it is the best way to get to know everyone as a group, to introduce yourself, and even meet some new friends or find connections with people before you leave for the trip! So post your heart out, and make some friends before the planes take off. Check out my latest trip here.

Joseph Hallgren

Boston, MA

Full time student, adrenaline junkie, and traveller.