Top 10 Travel Accessories: 2018

Recently I have been publishing a lot of blogs related to the gear and accessories that I tend to use when traveling. I thought that doing a top 10 style blog would be a good way to share what I think the top 10 things that I have for anyone who is going to be traveling. I would say that most of the things I have included are pretty universal and would work for most trips, but everyones needs will be different depending on where you plan on going, the time of year, and the length of time you will be on your trip. So, these are my top ten accessories for travel 2018 edition.

10. GoPro Supercharger

The GoPro Supercharger is a great charger for anyone who wants to travel the world, at least in my mind as a avid GoPro user. So, lets talk about why I love this piece of equipment so much. If you haven't looked at it already elsewhere, the GoPro Supercharger is a dual charger for GoPro's and other USB-A and USB-C devices. These two ports serve two purposes. The USB-A is your normal charging port, just like on every other charger, while the USB-C port is your "supercharger" and can charge your GoPro, Dual Battery Charger, or Karma grip anywhere from 20-70% faster depending on which one you are charging. Whats great about this, is that I can be charging two batteries in a dual charger, while also charging a GoPro directly, or charging my phone via the USB-A port. While all of this is nice, the next feature is what made this the number ten item on my list. The GoPro Supercharger is also your world wide adapter. It comes with a bunch of adapters for when you are traveling the world, which can save some space in the bag, because some of these adapters are really big. This comes with everything you need in a small bag, I mean its smaller than my fist, so what more could you ask for?

9. GoPro Hero 5 Black (Also the Hero 6, out now)

If you haven't noticed by looking around either of my blogs, I love my GoPro's. The Hero 5 Black is my go to camera when it comes to everything and anything because of just how versatile the camera is. It is waterproof to 30(-ish) feet without a case, there are thousands of ways to mount a GoPro, and they shoot 12K (same as my iPhone) in a more rugged design, and they look pretty sleek with the new black color. Whats even better is that they now come standard with a display on the rear so you can point-and-shoot, line up the shot, and change all of your settings way easier than any GoPro before. You can even control your GoPro with you phone via the GoPro app, and you can control multiple GoPro's with the GoPro Smart Remote. The coolest thing of all, the GoPro now has GPS location tagging. You can look back and see the exact location where you took a photo after a trip, how cool is that!

8. GoPole Mounts

     While this isn't exactly one item, I wanted to make number eight a brand instead of a single item, since there are to many accessories to choose, and you can read about them elsewhere on my blog. GoPole makes alot of awesome mounts for you GoPro. Wether you have the Hero 5 Black, the Session or the original GoPro, they have mounts that will work. I personally own almost every mount that they make, as well as a few of their accessories, and these products are built to last. While not everyone loves their prices compared to some that you can find on eBay or Amazon, I have had zero issues, and I tend to shop their sales, and if you buy their package deals you can even save a little extra.

7. GoPro Seeker Backpack

     The GoPro seeker has been, and will continue to be, my GoPro backpack. This also means that this bag will be going on all of my future adventures, unless something comes along and has better storage options than this bag, and that would be hard. It comes with an integrated shoulder strap mount, and a detachable chesty mount for the backpack. There is also storage for five GoPro's in a padded pocket, as well as a way to mount your favorite pole mount on the side of the bag for those over the shoulder shots. Inside the bag there is a water bladder pouch, as well as enough storage and organization pockets to fit anything you could need, including your GoPro Karma Drone, a spare battery, props, and the controller. My travel tip? The water bladder pouch can only be opened fully when it is off your back, thanks to the zipper running under the straps. This makes it the perfect place to store your important documents, wallet, and valuables when you are on the go. Click here to read more about the Seeker backpack.

6. LaCie 2TB Rugged Mini USB-C Portable Drive

This is one of the new additions (recently) to my arsenal of tech equipment that I will be utilizing on my trip to Thailand. This is a USB-C external hard drive with 2TB of storage, so I can use it to store anything I film in Thailand, or on any trip, along with bringing any footage I need to edit into a video to use some of that free time on the flights to its maximum potential. It comes in an orange rubber case that is removable, and comes with both a USB-C to USB-C cable and a USB-C to standard USB cable for older laptops not utilizing only  USB-C like my 15" MacBook Pro. Ive seen this drive utilized by tons of people when I am traveling, and it feels like a great option for anyone lookin for a drive that wont break just being in your bag. It also comes in multiple sizes.

5. GoPro Fusion Camera

(Disclaimer: This is based purely off reviews and hands on experience from other people, mine is on its way now) The GoPro Fusion is GoPro's new 360 cam. It shoots at just over 5K combined, and will have its own "Fusion Studio" app for editing the footage. This is probably going to be one of my favorite cameras, and when this blog publishes I will be using it in Thailand. The great thing is that is has great stitching of the two images, and there is a feature called Overcapture that allows you to use the app to get standard sized photos and videos. So you can start the video looking at yourself and then spin the image 180 degrees to be facing away from you! How cool is that! I am more than excited to be getting this, and will have a full review out after my trip.

4. OtterBox Defender Case (iPhone 7 Plus)

My go to case since I had the iPhone 4 has been the OtterBox Defender Series. Between work and travel my phone spends a lot of time in the air, and hitting the ground (see what I did there?) and in these cases I have never had a phone break. Which is really impressive if you know me. I have broken the rubber outer shell, but the warranty on the products is so easy to take care of and I had a new outer shell in my hands a week later. I highly recommend these, because you don't want a broken phone/camera when traveling.

3. Apple AirPods

As someone who was highly skeptical of the Apple AirPods, my tune changed when I was stuck with the need for a new set of bluetooth headphones, and noticed I would be spending $150 no matter what I bought. After being such a skeptic, but always hearing great things, I decided to buy the AirPods, because I could always return them if I hated them. I have to say that I put them in, shook my head as hard as possible (the looks I was getting from people walking by my car in the parking lot were priceless) and I could not get them to fall out. The battery life is awesome, and the range is really good too. Ive left the headphones in my ears with music playing and walked into a gas station (60-70ft to the back of the store) and had no static or anything, while my old headphones had static by 40ft. I highly suggest these headphones, especially with their small form factor and storage/charging case.

2. iPhone 8/8+/X

As someone who is upgrading to the iPhone X, I am not going to limit this to just one option of Apples phone line. I am a firm believer that some phones work for some people, and some work for others. That being said, I am a HUGE fan of all the apple products. I would not be anywhere near as efficient as I am, or am not, because of how easy it is to share between my devices, everything is seamless with the cloud. Another plus when traveling is being able to AirDrop photos to your travel buddies (both new and old) easily. Want to share photos? Done. Share a contact card? Done. It takes seconds and you're back to enjoying your travels. (Please people, name your phones so they wont match everyone else though!)

1. 15" MacBook Pro with TouchBar

Like I said, I am a huge fan of Apple products. My laptop does everything for me. From social media, to writing and editing its done on this laptop. While some people may not like the 15" for travel, I love it because its the computer I am used to. When I travel though, depending on location, I may switch to my 13" MacBook Pro that is a few years older. This is one reason I love my LaCie external hard drive for travel, all my media is ready for both computers. I have the 500GB drive in my main computer and 16GB of ram, I have had no issues with speed or anything in the last year even editing 4K videos. Another great thing with the MacBook Pro, as well as other Apple laptops and desktops, is the Photos app, which can sync via the cloud with your iPhone, and then be used to import photos and videos to Apples awesome video editing program Final Cut Pro X, or you can use the free editing software iMovie!


So these are my top travel accessories for 2018. If you're traveling anywhere I do think that all of these will fit somewhere in your tech arsenal for photography and videography, but most people wont need it all. Safe travels everyone and be sure to share your top accessories in the comments below!

Joseph Hallgren

Boston, MA

Full time student, adrenaline junkie, and traveller.