Packing Tips: Changing Weather

     Weather is something that can always be unpredictable. No matter where you go in the world, one thing is certain, and that is that weather can change in an instant. If you're in Costa Rica in the driest time of the year, you never know, they could have rain for seven days straight, its possible, it happened to me! You can go to Europe in the middle of the winter and be in a light sweatshirt or jacket on top of a mountain with very little snow in Switzerland, while back home they are getting pounded by a blizzard. You never know with weather, so packing can be a challenge, and the challenge is to maximize the stuff you bring for all of the possibilities, while not taking tons of extra stuff you don't need.

Rain Rain Go Away...

     One thing that always happens is rain when you least expect it. Like when I went to Costa Rica in December, supposedly the least rainy time of year, and it rained for almost a week! Luckily the beach days were filled with sunshine on the coast. This proved to me that bringing a light windbreaker that is able to repel water is a must. They can be rolled up pretty tight, and mine even fits in a the water bottle pocket on the side of a backpack. This is one item that I tend to bring everywhere, because rain is the one thing that can ruin a day if you aren't prepared, and I don't want to be the tourist in the trash bag to avoid getting soaked.

Cold nights...

     If there is one thing that I think people tend to forget, it is that temperatures can plummet when it gets dark, and depending on where you are from, the lower temperature at night might be one that you consider cold. This is especially true along coastal areas, or other areas where there may be a persistent breeze or wind, like the mountains. A slightly lower temperature and a cool breeze could leave you feeling cold, so pack a light jacket for the nights. It doesn't have to be anything super warm, but enough that it will keep you warm with your shirt, a second layer can go a long way, and it doesn't have to be anything too bulky to do the trick.

Summer heatwaves

     These ones are a little bit harder to prepare for. You aren't going to be stripping down and walking around Italy in nothing but your underwear, but bringing the right gear can help make your time more enjoyable. I recommend bringing a backpack that can hold water bottles on the exterior with you on all of your travels. If your bag has a water bladder, this is another great way to be able to carry water with you. Water is really the only thing that you can have with you to prepare for a heatwave hitting your travel destination. I recommend finding a backpack that allows for airflow between the bag and your back so that you don't spend the whole day sweating like crazy down your back. 

     Weather is the one thing that can make or break your trip, so being prepared for the worst, and embracing it is the best that we can do. Having the right stuff with you can mean all the difference between enjoying the day or wishing you were sitting in your hotel room, because you ended up soaked and cold when the rain struck. Don't let the weather ruin your travels, travel prepared and be smart.

 Photo taken with a Hero 3+ Black Edition

Photo taken with a Hero 3+ Black Edition

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