Filming in Greece: What I am Bringing

About this blog post...

     I wanted to be able to share my journey through Greece this fall while simultaneously pushing myself to do something amazing. I want to create my best travel video ever. This is going to take all of the skills that I have and can acquire within the next three weeks, as well as all of the gear that I own, or at least most of the gear that I own, but at least I can finally use it all, to try and make something beautiful.

The biggest challenge...

     I guess it may be a little obvious, but the biggest challenge in my mind will be that I am going to be traveling with only carry on bags. This means that I will essentially have one bag for camera gear, chargers, etc. and one bag for clothes. While I have done this before pretty easily, I threw in a challenge this year, and it has me excited. I will be bringing my GoPro Karma Drone to hopefully capture some great views that I never expected to be able to capture while around the islands. As you will see in the comparison photo later in this post, Karma is a big drone, but it does fold up and fit into the backpack, although it is a snug fit with the rest of the gear in there.

What I am bringing...

     Like I said, I am bringing most of the camera gear that I own, but luckily all of it, for the most part, will be interchangeable since everything will be filmed on a GoPro Hero 5 Black or an iPhone 7+. That means that all of the grips, cases, batteries, and cables that I am bringing can be minimized since I won't need tons of different batteries or cables to charge all of the different cameras.

 Comparison of the GoPro Seeker Backpack and GoPro Karma Drone (flight ready).

Comparison of the GoPro Seeker Backpack and GoPro Karma Drone (flight ready).

     The biggest trick is that all of this needs to fit into, and be easily accessible in the GoPro Seeker backpack, which is an amazing backpack for GoPro's and all of their accessories. It fits all of the gear and drone in a perfectly organized way, and with my travel OCD and wanting it all organized and easy to access, this backpack has been an amazing help, especially with how comfortable the bag is. It holds all of the gear and is a lightweight option that is also comfortable and brings with it its own mounting options via a detachable chest mount and the integrates shoulder strap or pole mount (GoPro 3-Way mount not included for the pole mount, also works with most GoPole pole mounts).

      I hope to return with one of my best videos from my travels ever, and if I do not, then I will just have to try again sixty days after my trip to Greece when I travel to Thailand for a little over two weeks, again I will be going Carry On Only.

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