Filming In Greece: Peoples Reactions

Its a bird, its a plane, its superman! Oh... wait its a drone...


     Flying a drone is always an experience. Even in the modern age where drones of all sizes are becoming wildly popular on the consumer market, people are either amazed by them, and they can draw a crowd, or they are hated... which can draw an angry crowd. While on my vacation in Greece I planned on capturing as much of the beautiful landscape via drone, for an all new perspective that I would probably never get to see again. This blog post will tell you the story of how all of that went, because everyone has their own reaction.

     I guess the biggest surprise with bringing the drone on the trip was how excited everyone seemed to be. Especially within the group of friends I was with the most, a few of us were always trying to think of places or ways where we could launch the drone, because after all we all wanted to get some awesome photos and videos that no one else would have. I think that whenever we found places were to crowded (like in Oia where I wanted to capture the sunset) we tried to problem solve as a group before we decided that flying wasn't going to happen. I think this also led to more people than I expected being a little sad when we weren't able to get the unique shots that we wanted to try and get, due to weather, crowds, or other issues that may have arisen.

     There was also the curiosity factor that I think some people had. After all, drones always seem to draw a crowd, which isn't always the best when you are traveling in a foreign country. Luckily, since the only day that we really flew was on a private beach, we didn't have to deal with any crowds, but while testing the drone one day after our arrival in Santorini we did attract one local who was curious about the drone, but I was just about to land, and I'm not sure the few words of greek that I tried to learn would have been enough to satisfy his curiosity about the drone, had he had any questions.

     On the one day that I was able to fly, I think there was some excitement, and people were excited to be able to see what was able to be captured by the drone, after all none of us are able to take a photo looking down at a private beach from 400 feet with a selfie stick or our arms, but the drone was able to capture this unique perspective easily. While the photos came out awesome, I was also able to fly around the beach, over the water, and around the private boat we took to capture some great videos, that I never know what exactly I will do with, but we were able to edit them quickly in the GoPro Quik app, and we made the short video (on the right) of us all on the beach.


     Overall I think that peoples reactions to the drone surprised me. I don't think that I was expecting people to be so open to a drone, or as intrigued to see what the photos would look like when the drone landed. While part of this may have been that we were all younger Americans looking to have a good time, there was also very little in terms of laws for drones in Greece at the time I was there, which was also why I was shocked to have only seen one or two other drones while on the trip. One of which was lucky to be capturing the sunset in Oia, so I was a little jealous, but I think they launched from a private rooftop, so now I know the secret.


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