What Inspires Me...

What inspires me...


     Over the years this question was asked, and it was always something that came up in school. "What inspires you, write two examples". I remember struggling with the question when I was asked at first. What inspires you could be meant in so many different ways. What inspires you to tell stories, what inspires you to work hard, what inspires you to travel, what inspires you to do your best everyday. Each of those can have the same, or a different answer. I think its time for me to answer the big question, and that is, what inspires me to travel?

My Inspiration...

     Im not going to lie and say that travel has always been my dream, that building relationships with people I meet traveling the world has always been my goal, or that I felt that I was destined to travel. In reality, I don't think I really had the urge to travel the world as a whole until I booked my first trip, which would have been my first "solo" trip abroad had it not been for a trip to Paris that ended up happening first. So when I booked my first trip to Costa Rica, I had just quit a job, I didn't really have a plan, but I knew that somehow I would be able to pay the $168 per month that I had to pay to pay off the trip so I could go, so I clicked "Accept". And that was it, I had booked my first trip solo abroad because I wanted to see something different. I was sick of the same old nine to five job that, while it paid me, didn't feel like I was living life how I thought I would.


     Maybe the biggest thing is that I always wanted to be my own boss. Working for someone else, and not enjoying it, really seemed to wear me down. While I may still have a nine to five job, I have found one that allows me to travel when I can, with only a few restrictions, and most are ones I can easily live with, but we could all use more vacation time. I've found a job that I enjoy waking up for in the morning, but have love being able to get away from. While this may not seem like the reason I am inspired to travel, it is.

     My inspiration comes from being able to tell my co-workers, family, friends, and anyone else who will listen (shoutout to anyone who reads this blog) about my adventures. Im inspired to share. I am inspired to share my stories, my videos, my photos, and my passion for traveling the world with anyone who will listen, watch, or read about it. My inspiration for travel and traveling comes from how travel has changed my views of the world. From Paris, to Costa Rica, to the Swiss Alps, you begin to realize how small the world truly is, and how we are all one.

     Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would go zip-lining in Honduras and then meet and ex-marine from Boston who moved there to carve and sell wooden sculptures. Never did I think that I would meet a tour company representative who lives within minutes of my Dads family while traveling across Europe. Never did I think that I would build the relationships that I have so far, with the people that I met along the way. I never thought any of this would be possible, until I did it. I guess thats how everything is in life though, you never know until you try.

     So from one skeptic turned believer, who hopes he can inspire you, remember that;

Life is about the memories you make, with the people you meet along the way
— Joseph Hallgren

Joseph Hallgren

Boston, MA

Full time student, adrenaline junkie, and traveller.