After an exciting day at the top of Mt. Pliatus, we were now off to Paris. Thomas our bus driver would be taking dropping us off at Basel station, where we would part ways. From Basel we would be taking a high speed train to Paris and meeting another bus there to take us to the Generator Hostel.


    Paris would be a fun filled stop for us, as the day we arrived we had to get ready for a seine river cruise and going up the Eiffel Tower. Part of getting ready was running to a small cafe and grabbing some food before the days activities began, which was also a good time for some of us to try escargot, and like it. So off we went to the seine river cruise, which ended up being mostly us oohing and ahhhing over the sights as we passed them, as I don't think anyone listened to the narration which meant sitting on the bottom deck. On the Eiffel Tower part of our day getting to the second floor was included, but at least half of us spent the six euros to get to the top, and about half of us at the top splurged on the 13 euro champagne, because honestly why wouldn't you? On the way back to the ground. We stopped for a macaroon while waiting for the elevator, and took photos the whole time, and to our surprise found out that it was a limited edition macaroon, maybe we should have saved it.

     The first night in Paris would be one to never forget, and was probably the first night that the entire group really had fun together, special thanks to "Le Club" at the Generator hostel in Paris for being an awesome place to sit back, relax, drink, and have some fun. It was a night filled with laughter, drinking, singing, dancing, and more drinking. Fast forward to the bus tour the next morning though, and it was a quiet one. So quiet, our tour director even commented that he thought we all might need some coffee to help us be ourselves again, and wouldn't you know it, it worked perfectly. It gave us a great chance to explore a few cafes as we walked and sit inside and enjoy a croissant with our espresso to get us going.


    Being in Paris, even for a second time, meant hitting all of the popular tourist destinations. We went to the Louvre, Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower again, and ate crepes and onion soup. While the tourist destinations are a big reason to go to Paris, the other reason that I have found to love the city has to be just being able to walk around and looking at all the buildings. The styles of buildings are astounding compared to a lot of the "plain" buildings you would see here in the US. Maybe I am just an architecture nerd. The other thing that I really enjoy is all of the small shops. I mean all of them. From the ones selling basic goods, to the ones selling all of the food you can think of, at prices that make eating "out" enjoyable when you're on the go. My second visit to Paris though meant that I had to go back and get the best fish and chips, as well as French fries, I had ever had at Publisher. Two of my friends on the trip joined me on the trek out to this amazing place for a quick bite to eat and a drink before we headed back to the hostel for the night, after all, we were off to London the next day.

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