The drive to Munich meant that we would have another long day on the bus, although we would have a stop at the Dachau concentration camp for a few hours. The drive consisted of a movie and possibly breaking the busses DVD player, meaning we could only watch "Letters To Juliet" on the bus for the next few days, I will have to confirm this later. (Update: Confirmed, the DVD was stuck, so we stuck to our trips Spotify playlist)

     The Dachau concentration camp was one of the most moving places that I have ever visited. Second to only the 9/11 memorial and Museum and the Anne Frank House. The raw emotions that walking into a concentration camp can bring out of a person surprised me, and I'm not sure how I was even able to keep it together while walking around and listening to both the dialogues from people who had been in the camp, and voiceovers telling the story of what had happened at Dachau. Even with, in comparison to other camps, a relatively small total death count of 30,000, Dachau will evoke every emotion you can think of. Dachau was the original concentration camp, and now acts as a museum to help educated, and remind, people of the atrocities that happened during the Nazi parties reign of Germany, and during WWII. The camp has rebuilt housing units showing the change in the living conditions throughout the years, as well as the outlines of the numerous other buildings that housed people from all walks of life. With narration, historical photos, and interviews with survivors that will help you learn about the camp. For anyone who loves learning about history, especially world history, I would say that this is a site that needs to be visited.

    From the Dachau Concentration Camp, we continued on to Munich, where we went on a very brief walking tour, leading us to a few cool sites that we were able to visit. On the way to the Hofbräuhaus (a traditional German beer hall), we were able to see the Glockenspiel. The Glockenspiel is a clock, that re-enacts two 16th century stories to amuse the crowds. The clock consists of 32 life sized figures as well as 43 bells, and has shows a few times per day. (If you would like to see the Glockenspiel in action click here for a video I found) At this point we had some free time to run around and shop a little before heading over to the Hofbräuhaus to enjoy our meal and some liter beers.


     When we got to the Hofbräuhaus, I'm not sure if I was ready for exactly we would end up seeing. I was ready for the food and the beer, but I'm not sure I was ready to find out that a whip was actually a German instrument, and I am glad I wasn't the lady directly under where the whip was cracking. Luckily it was pretty easy to get used to the whip cracking, and it was amazing to hear the band playing the the background as we ate and drank. The food was amazing, and the beers just as good. Now the pretzels, those were giant. They were honestly bigger than my head, which I used to think was hard to accomplish, since I think my head is kinda big. 

     After the Hofbräuhaus, we decided to go out for a few drinks before heading back to the hotel to relax in the lobby until we all went to sleep for the night. I think part of the fun was waiting to see how long it took everyone else to get back to the hotel, knowing that the metro would be closing soon.

 Venice, Italy - January 2017

Venice, Italy - January 2017

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