Leaving Amsterdam at 9am, we aimed our bright pink tour bus towards our "Roadtrip layover" in Frankfurt, Germany. The day would be spent mostly in the bus, with a stop for lunch in Cologne (Köln is the German spelling) where we would be able to see the largest Gothic Cathedral in Northern Europe. 


    While on the stopover in Cologne, we would be able to try our first German pretzel and a Döner Kabob sandwich, both of which were absolutely amazing, so I would be very grateful and broke if they opened nearby in the states. Cologne is also home to the Cologne Gothic cathedral, which was a sight that could leave you in awe, and it did when we first saw it. The cathedral is Germany's most visited landmark, with spires that are 515ft tall, making it the tallest twin-spired cathedral in the world. The cathedral also houses the reliquary of the Three Kings. The cathedral could have met its demise in World War II, when it was hit by 14 bombs.


     The cathedral is a catholic cathedral and thousands of christians make a pilgrimage each year to visit the site, where they can see the Shrine of the Three Kings and the oldest known large crucifix. The shrine is said to contain the bones of the Three Kings, also know as the Three Wise Men. This is something that I never thought I would see and never thought I would see it even as part of the trip, so it was a cool stop over for us to be able to see, and an amazing landmark to add to the list of places that I can now say I have seen in the short time I have been traveling outside the United States.

    After a few hours in Cologne, we were back in the bus for the final stretch into Frankfurt. Frankfurt would be just a one night stay before getting back on the bus in the morning to begin the trek to Munich with a stop in Dachau, which was a WWII concentration camp. Arriving in Frankfurt, in the evening, we were able to see the skyline rising above the landscape lit for the night. Our tour guide was able to get the group a reservation at a restaurant where we could try some of the traditional German foods you think of, so of course I went for the Wiener schnitzel, and we were served some traditional apple wine during the meal. It was in a beautiful building that allowed us to see the town hall beforehand on the walk over to the restaurant from the tram. During our time in Frankfurt, we were going to see the view from a sky deck of a skyscraper, but due to weather, we were unable to go. This allowed our tour director to buy us some Apfelwein to enjoy with our meals.


     Being just a stop over, there wasn't going to be a whole lot of activities for us to do, so after dinner a lot of our group headed out for drinks together, allowing us to talk about what we had liked about the trip so far, and enjoy some laughs before heading back to the hotel knowing we would be spending some more time on the bus the next day. Before bed, we ended up enjoying a pizza and a drink in the lobby till about midnight talking about how we liked the trip so far, and what we were most excited for in the coming week and a half that we would still have before the trip would end.

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