GoPro Karma: The Travel Drone?

Notice: This post was written before the GoPro Karma recall. Recall information can be found on the GoPro website. This post is based on our experience with the drone and is not bought or paid for. You can find more about the GoPro Karma Drone on Joey's personal blog.

The GoPro Karma: A System

     When GoPro announced the GoPro Karma, they mentioned that Karma "is so much more than a drone" and I found that to be true. Karma is a system of mounts that will allow you to take your GoPro cameras (Hero 4, Hero 5, or Session) to all new heights, literally. The Karma system is priced at $799.99 without a camera included, but for that price you get the Karma Drone, the Karma Grip, a battery, a backpack, the controller, 6 props, 2 prop removal tools, and a mounting ring for the grip. This post will talk specifically about the GoPro Karma Drone and why I think it is a great accessory for anyone looking to capture their adventures from a new perspective.

The Drone

     The Karma Drone allows you to fly your GoPro to new heights, all from the ground, and from a compact state that can be easily carried with you at any time, in the included backpack. You can probably fit five batteries in the case if there is one in the drone, as well as your controller and drone. The backpack offers a shoulder mounting point for your camera much like the GoPro Seeker.

     I found the drone to be a really sturdy drone for my needs, and since I am no expert, that's all I can really say about the build of it. It folds up (arms and legs fold to make it smaller) which is awesome because my former 3DR Solo drone was super big and hard to transport. The backpack was almost a foot thick, which the Karma is about 6" or less. That is super convenient when you are trying to bring it with you. It unfolds easily and everything locks into the open position, so I never had any major issues with the drone collapsing mid flight or anything.

     The next best thing compared to my old drone was the controller. My old drone required a phone or tablet to be used as a screen so you could set up and do the controls for the camera and drone. The GoPro karma features a clamshell design controller with a built in touch screen. The screen is easy to read and the controller is easy enough to navigate for even the newest of drone users. You can easily change the settings, the height and distance limits, and modes. Basically everything changes all right from this controller, which easily stores in the backpack.

     Obviously, the camera quality will depend on the camera you use, although the Hero 4 and Hero 5 Black are pretty much the same when it comes to camera quality, so you are at least getting a great way to use your camera to the fullest. You can read more about the Hero 5 Black in my past blogs, or on my website.

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