EF College Break: New Years European Road Trip Overview

     In an effort to keep sane, and run away from work for a bit after a very hectic year, I left for EF College Break's New Year's European Roadtrip, a 16 day trip including travel that tours you around Europe with (in my case) a little over 30 other young adults. With stops in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, Innsbruck, Venice, Verona, Lucerne, Paris, and London, the trip gets around and you get a lot done in the two weeks. Being my second EF trip, I knew how the EF trips worked on the tours, between the longer bus rides that may be necessary and the sometimes earlier than you would like wake up mornings. In an effort to keep this post easy to read, I have linked to each individual blog post related to this trip, so you can just start by visiting this page.

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     Amsterdam was the first stops on our tour, and it was also where we would be spending New Years. There was a lot of stuff to do while visiting Amsterdam, and some of us were even able to escape to the countryside for a few hours to get an even more complete experience.


     Frankfurt was part of what we called the "road trip portion" of the the entire trip. We wouldn't be spending more than a night there, and we would be arriving and leaving all within one overnight period. Although it was a quick stop, we did get to try some local food and drinks. And still managed to have all the fun.



     While Frankfurt and Munich had overnight stays, Innsbruck was only a couple hours as a stop for this trip. While it may have been a quick stop so we could get off the bus, Innsbruck was a place that I am sure we won't soon forget. With mountain views, hot wine, and gummy bears, how could you forget it?



     Much like Innsbruck, Verona was just a quick stop. Verona would allow us to see Juliet's balcony, touch her breast, and grab some food while taking a break from the bus. It was also where our Tour Director would be buying all of us some gelato, and where we could check out the local markets.



     Oh Paris, how I missed you. Land of crepes and amazing sights. Small cafes, croissants, and of course Publisher. Of course, Paris is a city that never disappoints, and seeing it without the crowds was a huge plus.



     Much like Frankfurt, Munich was just a quick stop on the "road trip portion" of our trip. It was filled with beer, food, and a band that played traditional drinking music, complete with someone playing the whip. So if you're up for a beer, or two, that are bigger than your head. This one is for you.



     Venice, where we drank all the wine, ate all the seafood and pasta, downed some gelato, bought Murano glass, rode gondolas, and pretended to be George Clooney riding a water taxi down the Grand Canal (minus having it shut down to other boats, because we cant afford that bill). How I miss you dearly.



     Lucerne, Switzerland had to be one of my favorite stops on this trip. We were able to see the Swiss Alps, and explore this awesome town on our own for a few hours. Although this stop did have a small let down. 



     Last but not least, was a stop in London. Where I would get to see platform 9 3/4 (really just to beat a family member there) and where I would see the iconic Big Ben. I would end up racing my day around London after an English Breakfast, and then getting lost in the rain trying to find a fish and chips place that had been recommended to us.

     Our trip had to have had the best of the best when it came to the people we met from EF, I would like to thank Tyson, our Tour Director and self proclaimed benevolent dictator, Kathy, and Thomas, the bus driver. Without the three of you, our tour probably would have been a lot less fun, and that wouldn't be good. 

     If after reading this post, you would like to book an EF College Break trip, you can contact us and we will have a $100 coupon code sent to your email, so please be sure to put an email address that you check on the request. (Your information will not be used in any way other than to have the code sent to you, we hate spam too!).

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