Drones: My Opinion

     Drones. With prices dropping and access to these flying objects increasing, we are beginning to see the rise of the drone. While drones may seem like a very dangerous "toy" to some people, there are practical uses for these drones, and they can range from commercial to hobby uses.

     As someone highly interested in capturing the best photos of the places I travel, I realize that a drone can add a whole new depth and dimension to the photography that I am able to take on a trip. While this may seem practical in some areas and on certain trips, I am sure not going to be lugging around my drone while traveling Europe or most other continents. For me, it would not be practical unless I was spending a longer duration of time exploring each area and checking the various laws that may govern where I could even fly a drone in these areas. For more professional and commercial drone operators, however, this would seem like nothing to capture the amazing views that they would want.


     Those issues aside, drones can be a great tool for even the hobby photographer. If you are responsible, follow the laws, and take your time, you can capture some amazing photos. The market now has so many different drones, with prices ranging from $400 to $3,000 for even consumer drones. If you're just looking for a hobby drone and maybe to capture some cool footage, a lower cost drone and camera setup may be right for you, while the expert traveler and photographer may want the higher end. I am all for these drones, as long as they are used correctly. That is something that will end up being the key when it comes to drones. Users are going to have to ensure that they are following the laws set forth, wherever they are flying, to ensure that we don't end up grounded by the governments around the world.

     While some people think of this as just a hobby while traveling, I see the potential to show the beauty of our National Parks, beaches, forest, and all around landscapes across the world with the photos that a drone can capture. We can promote tourism, travel, and give people a perspective they might never see again. These are all great ways for the travel industry to promote the sites to people, and expose more than just the same common photos to the potential traveler. Get out there and capture some great photos, be safe, and promote the hobby in the right fashion.

Joseph Hallgren

Boston, MA

Full time student, adrenaline junkie, and traveller.