GoPro Seeker: The Ultimate GoPro Bag?

The GoPro Seeker is a backpack that has everything that I personally could want in my travel backpack, from storage for my GoPros to easy access and even mounts. The bag is priced at $170 making it at the higher end of the price range compared to third party bags, but this seems to fit the bill for exactly what I was looking for. The bag has many features that I personally like, so we will go over them in a second. This means that I am retiring my SOVRN Republic Drifter HD from GoPro duty (Click here for my review of the SOVRN Republic Drifter HD) which makes me sad because it has been a great bag, so soon it will be more of my overnight bag for shorter weekend adventures. This will be an awesome partner for trips when I need both bags due to the versatility of ways to carry the Drifter HD.

Onto the features that the GoPro Seeker has;

1. GoPro Storage Section
     Okay, so this is something that I really like. Right on the top of the bag, there is a GoPro storage area that will allow you to fit up to five GoPro cameras (Hero 5 Black/Hero 4/Hero 3 sized) and maybe more if you have a few Sessions since I haven't tried putting any of them in this bag (I don't have any, yet). The compartment is water resistant, which is good if you have some Hero 4 or earlier GoPros up there in the frame mount.


2. Shoulder Strap Mount
     Personally, this is something that I love and have been looking for a 3rd party option that isn't so expensive to add to my Drifter HD bag, but now I won't have to. This bag as an integrated mount where you can snap a GoPro and have the view right from one of the shoulder straps.

3. Integrated Chesty!
     Well, its kinda integrated, its removable, and super easy to setup. There are special attachment points (specially colored in blue so they are easy to see) where you can attach your, included, chesty mount (this is not the same as a standard chest) so that you will have a mountain point on your chest, obviously, for some awesome POV(-ish) footage from that angle.

4. Pole Mount
     Something that I have tried to do with my Drifter HD, but kinda failed, was putting a pole mount in the side for some over the shoulder shots. This bag has a special pocket to do this and has small bungees to go around the pole to hold it in place. This opens up a whole new (easy to use) world of 3rd person view shooting to a lot of people.

 Back of the bag.

Back of the bag.

 A look inside the main compartment.

A look inside the main compartment.


Those are the main (bigger) reasons that I really like this bag. Other than also not being big and bulky, its the perfect size for travel and even has a place for a water bladder (not included) so that you can stay hydrated on all of you adventures. There are ample pockets for everything from keys, phones, and wallets to the smallest of GoPro accessories and necessities that anyone can think of. Although I do not think you would want to stick Karma in the bag, that might break, although the website description does mention Karma. If you have this bag, let us know what you think in the comments section.

Interested in the GoPro Seeker? Click here!


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