Flyin' Solo: Traveling with a Group

With new tour companies offering great deals for travelers of all ages, it is also becoming more common for people to book these trips as a solo traveler, especially college aged adults looking to see the world before entering the world of working full time jobs, and having to pay off student loans. As a past solo traveler with EF College Break, I thought it would be appropriate to tell you about my experience and give you some tips.

As a solo traveler, you probably won't know anyone on the trip with you, unless somehow your best friend booked the same trip. This gives you a chance to meet people you never would have before, and meet life long friends. My trip as a solo traveler was to Costa Rica, and we had a group of just over 22 travelers. Of the people in our group only a handful knew each other prior to the trip. I am sure we all walked away with memories of fun adventures, new friends, and memories that will last a lifetime with the group.

While the group may have formed smaller groups that all spent time together, more often, it was always a fun time when everyone was together. We made friends in a foreign country that you wouldn't at home. 

Tips For Traveling Solo:

1. Talk to people as much as you can. You never know who you will be friends with and who you might meet on a trip. Making friends with people in your group is easy, especially if you are not hiding in a corner the whole time. Smile, talk, and make some new friends.

2. Go Out. If its anything like my trip, people headed out to grab dinner and go to the bar almost every night. It was a great way to bond and get to know each other, all while taking in the towns that we were visiting.

3. Don't be shy. This goes back to number one, but don't be shy. Although you might be tempted to keep to yourself, invite others when you go out or want to check out another attraction. Chances are other people would want to see it too, or just go have some fun.

4. Remember that you probably are not the only person on the tour that booked the trip alone. This is a great way to make friends, and meet people on your trip. Also see if your tour has a Facebook group, like EF College Break provides its travelers before the trip. This is a great way to get to know people before the tour starts, too.

Joseph Hallgren

Boston, MA

Full time student, adrenaline junkie, and traveller.