GoPro: What settings do I use?

     GoPros have come a long way since they came out. I can remember my first GoPro, how sturdy it was, and how hard it was to change the settings. Now we have the Hero 5 Black, Hero 5 Session, and a ton of other GoPros that are still around today. Until recently, I never took my GoPros off their stock settings. I was always in SuperView and never experimented with anything else. The fish-eye effect was something I have always, and continue to, love about the GoPro. The immense field of view is something that has always appealed to me, especially when traveling. It helps put you in the moment. 

     It wasn't until recently, with the release of the Hero 5 Black camera, that I updated my entire fleet (does three cameras count as a fleet?). So this post may cover some things about the older Hero 3+ and Hero 3 cameras, but will mainly be about the new Hero 5 Black camera. I know that there will be some people interested in the new Hero 5 Session, and the older Session, but I do not have any experience with them, so I don't want to comment on the settings, although I know some of them overlap, of those specific cameras.

Taking Videos

    The GoPro Hero 5 Black has the awesome power of being able to shoot in 4K. This means that you can get an image quality that puts you right in the moment. There is nothing better than that when you are filming on a trip because, now when you look back at the video, it will put you right in the moment. The downside to shooting in 4K is the file size is immense. You will eat up more Micro SD cards than you can imagine. Shooting in 4K means that you can only record for 1 hour and 4 minutes on a 32GB micro SD. So for traveling, this may not be ideal, but for anything where you will have a laptop and external drive with you, this is a great option.

     You can also record in other qualities, 2.7K is the next down from 4K, but offers the same length of time offered for recording, so you might as well go for the 4K at that point. The main plus of shooting in the 2.7K is the option for shooting in the Linear mode of the camera, which takes out the fish eye effect GoPro is known for. Speaking of Linear, you can also shoot at 1080 at up to 60 frames per second in that mode, and you will be able to record two hours of footage. For the traveling filmmaker with no way to offload these videos on the trip, that is my go to setting currently.

Taking Photos

     Photos on the Hero 5 Black can be shot with the 12MP camera and offer a wide range of options for the view. From narrow to Linear, there is an option to fit every need and you can take a little over 12,000 photos on a 32GB micro SD card - you can't beat that. A major plus is that the new Hero 5 Black is able to GPS tag everything you do with the camera, so no longer will you upload the photos to your computer and wonder where exactly you took them. Just like your phone, you will have an awesome location tag, which will pay off in a few years when you're telling your grandkids about the great places you have traveled too.

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