Our Favorite Apps For Travel


Thanks to smartphones, we have all new ways of capturing the trips we take and new ways of documenting the events that happen in our lives. The app stores for our phones are filled with apps meant to help make everything easier. Sifting through these apps to find ones you like can be tough, time consuming, and even expensive. In order to help, I wanted to put together a list of apps that I prefer to use while I travel. 

WhatsApp - WhatsApp allows me to keep in touch with friends and family that do not have iPhones. Personally, I do not use it much anymore. If someone did not have an iPhone, I know I can't message them using iMessage, or I will communicate with them online via Facebook Messenger. 

iMessage and FaceTime - Both of these apps allow you to communicate with other iPhone users while you are abroad. All you need is a Wi-Fi signal and you will be able to text, call, or video chat with family and friends that are at home. This can make long trips to far away lands seem like you are not so far away, and you can let your parents know you are alive after bungee jumping. 

Day One - Day one is a journaling app that I first used while traveling in Paris. The app allows you to post to a journal that can be updated on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer through the cloud. Not only does it allow you to write an entry, but also include photos, a time stamp, location, and even the weather of where you are. It makes documenting trips easy and you can set it to remind you to write each day. 

Flightview - Although Flightview is probably meant for your worried mother that is scared you are going to get kidnapped on your next trip, I do like being able to easily get updates on the status of my flights before leaving for the airport, as well as while I am sitting in the airport and don't want to walk up to big board of flights and search for mine. There is a free and paid version, I currently use the free version and see no need to upgrade. 

Hotel Tonight - A tip from my Auntie Gina led me to get this awesome app. It allows you to book hotels last minute and often for a good deal. This app is just one more way that hotels are able to fill empty rooms and a way for you to get a cheaper rate. Although, you are limited in how long you can book for, as well as how far in advance you are able to book your hotel room. 

Dream days 365 - This app is my preferred countdown clock. It is just a personal preference that I like having since I am always wondering how long until my next adventure. This is another app that offers both a paid and free version. I use the paid version only because I got tired of the ads.. although it was just a personal preference and the free version is still awesome.  

TripAdvisor - I like to use TripAdvisor after I go out to eat in a city that I may not know well. I like to compare thoughts on the restaurants meal and service quality to what my experience was. Often, I have found out that the places I thought were great, others did too, and it showed on the ranking of the establishment on the TripAdvisor app. 

These apps are my go-to apps for travel, and I hope this list helps you on your next adventure. Nothing is better than having a trip go smooth and being able to look back at your journal and photos and relive the trip all over again. Although these are not the only apps that I use while traveling, since I do have a whole suite of apps to enable me to keep the blog running while abroad, but that is for a different post. Enjoy your travels, and share them with us. 

Joseph Hallgren

Boston, MA

Full time student, adrenaline junkie, and traveller.