I can't sleep! How to stay amused during long flights.

If you are like me, you have trouble falling asleep on planes. Something about the uncomfortable seats, even with the tiny pillows they give you, make it a horrible place for me to sleep. I have tried everything from neck pillows to sleeping pills and nothing seems to work!  

This wouldn't be an issue for a short flight, but not so much when it comes to long international flights. Luckily, my longest so far has only been 8 hours so I might have to learn to sleep soon for even longer flights (feel free to comment with your tips for this!). So if you have a long flight or train ride in your future, read what I do to keep myself amused and sane, on these long trips.

1. Listen to music.  

     Listening to music has to be one of the easiest tips to give people. Other than keeping you amused during the trip as you listen to your favorite songs and artists, it may actually help relax your mind and body leading to some sought after sleep! 

2. Edit Photos. 

     If you are like me, you take a lot of photos when you travel, and even when you are at home. Sometimes they can use a little tweaking to make them look a little better, this is a great time to do that. You have nothing else to distract you.  

3. Write blog posts.

     This might not be for the average traveler, but for travelers with blogs, this can be the perfect time to write a post about your latest adventure, plan out future posts, or even plan out your social media for the next few weeks.  Take advantage of the time that you have! 

4. Read about where you are going.  

     This one is more for the people traveling than those going to visit their friends who just happen to live more than 6 hours away by car and you have to take the train or plane to see them once a year. However, you can read about where you are going to give you a better sense of the things you will be able to do once you arrive.  

5. Watch a movie.

    If you have sufficient battery life or a way to keep your electronic device charged, watching a movie can really help pass the time. If you watch two movies during your next flight it will be almost 5 hours at a minimum that have passed! What a way to get to your destination without realizing it!

6. Sleep?

    Including this only since some people like to, and are able to easily fall asleep while traveling. Sleep is a great way to pass a lot of time and you won't even realize how much time you're passing until you wake up. My one tip for sleeping, though, is to try and find a way to use sleep to your advantage to help avoid jet lag. On flights longer than 12 hours, you may want to sleep while it is night at your destination and make sure you're awake when it would be daytime. That is what I have tried to do and have had success so far.

Joseph Hallgren

Boston, MA

Full time student, adrenaline junkie, and traveller.