Rome: Where are the Gladiators?

After Florence, we headed off to Rome with a trip to the Amalfi Coast included in our stay in Rome. After an hour train ride from Florence, we arrived in Rome and prepared for our tour of the Colleseum.  

We headed off on our tour with an awesome tour guide from Greenline Tours. Around the city we went, seeing the sights and learning the history as we wandered on the beautiful 99 degree day. We saw ruins and statues. Churches and gladiators. We ended the tour with a view of the old marble toilets that were in the coliseum.  


For our next day we were excited to see the Vatican. A country and a city all contained within the city of Rome. Once again we were on a Greenline Tour and enjoyed a awesome tour. We were lucky enough to see the Vatican Museum, Saint Peter's Basilica, Saint Peter's Square, and the Sistine Chapel. The photos that we were able to take were of amazing works of art and architecture that you do not get to see so often today. (Travelers Note: you cannot take photos or videos in the Sistine Chapel. You are warned.)  When the tour ended we got dropped off not far from the Treve Fountain, although when we arrived we were sad to see that our walk had been in vain, and it was being cleaned and was empty, as well as behind glass barricades. Off we went to the Spanish Steps. We arrived at the top and looked down upon the steps before making our way down. 

As we made our way down we were more than happy to see that we could refill our water bottles in the fountain. At the current time it was 106 degrees and water was on everyone's minds.  

We spent the next day traveling to the Amalfi Coast to see the beautiful small towns that dot the coastline of Italy. (Blog on this part of the trip coming Aug 19th)

After returning from the Amalfi Coast, we spent the remaining time that night and the early hours of the next day running around getting as much food, especially gelato that we could find, and eat. It was sad to know that our 10 day adventure was quickly coming to an end, and that we would soon have to return home to the United States, where we would be quickly back to work.

Joseph Hallgren

Boston, MA

Full time student, adrenaline junkie, and traveller.