Traveling with GoPro's; My Favorite Accessories

Traveling can be an exciting way to see and experience things that you may not get to do where you live. If you are like so many of the other people currently traveling the world, you want to share your experiences with your friends and family when you return home. GoPro cameras have become a hit for consumers around the world recently, even before they introduced lower priced cameras. Consumers love using GoPros thanks to the durability and the amazing amount of ways that GoPros can be used thanks to their waterproof and shock proof design that also allows you to use a variety of attachment points and mounts from GoPro and other third party companies.

After first using a GoPro, I fell in love with the immersive views that they offered while being in a small, lightweight package that is easy to carry with you. When traveling I have some mounts that I prefer, and I would like to share with our readers what these mounts are, and why.

1. GoPole Reach

The GoPole Reach has become a great accessory for my travels. It can work as its own kind of selfie stick that range from 14-40". It can help raise the camera above your head in crowds and get a better view of the object or building that you are trying to get a photo or video of.

2. GoPole Scenelapse

Although i have only just recently purchased the Scenelapse, I have begun using it trying to make a time-lapse video that also has a moving view on the camera. It can attach to the GoPole Reach and allows you to easily rotate your camera 360 degrees in one hour, and offers convenient markings on the base to help you set the timer.

3. GoPole Grenade Grip

This awesome grip is a basic hand grip that allows you to keep the camera closer to your hand while holding the grip. It offers a stable platform to attach your GoPro to while also allowing you to attach other attachments, such as the GoPole Arm, onto the grip and extending your reach when needed.

4. GoPro Wi-Fi Remote

The Wi-Fi Remote is a great accessory for when you are using mounts such as the GoPole Scenelapse, GoPole Reach, GoPole Base, and other accessories that may put the GoPro out of your reach. The Wi-Fi remote is able to control 50+ GoPro's at a range of over 500 feet! Perfect for when you want to be in the picture.

5. SOVRN Republic Drifter Backpack/Duffel

The SOVRN Republic Drifter bag has been my go-to for carrying my gear wherever I go. It has been on trips around the world, and up and down the local slopes every time I went snowboarding this year. It is always loaded with the gear I need. Its multiple pockets make organizing my mounts and cameras easy. Using the straps on the side I can easily carry my GoPole Reach, and keep it right where I can grab it quickly. If you are interested in any SOVRN Republic products you can use discount code Wanderluster for 20% off your order (code is case sensetive). We are also excited to say that SOVRN Republic is releasing a Drifter HD this summer!


Joseph Hallgren

Boston, MA

Full time student, adrenaline junkie, and traveller.