Heaven on Earth: Fiji

Whether you enjoy the thrill of scuba diving with sharks or just enjoy the relaxing hammocks on the beach, Fiji is the ideal vacation for anyone! Crystal clear water, white sand beaches, and truly the friendliest people in the world, Fiji has it all! From my time in Fiji, I found that the Coralview Island Resort in the Yasawa Islands is the most accommodating, friendly, and fun resort out there. They offer numerous exciting excursions, like snorkeling, cave diving, and even a sunset hike to the top of the island's mountain. They also have the friendliest staff; the people that work there really love what they do and it shows! Finally, this resort offers the most delicious island food and they provide entertainment with their wonderful island songs, which will stick in your head for days after you leave! The Yasawa Islands are just a short ferry ride from the mainland, which means you can get away from all of the main tourist places, so you can really experience the beauty of Fiji and what it has to offer. I recommend that everyone visit Fiji at least once in their lifetime, whether it's a honeymoon trip, a girls’ getaway, or even a family vacation. And definitely check out the Coralview Island Resort, you will not regret it! 


Written by Ferryn Lynne


Ferryn Lynne

Dallas, TX