Publisher - An Irish Pub in Paris

Let me start off by saying that the experience I had at Publisher was amazing. When we took a week-long trip to Paris, we did not expect to be eating at an Irish pub laughing and having the time of our lives. This whole experience all started off walking back to our hotel and deciding to grab a drink at the Irish pub down the street since it’s the closest we had ever been to Ireland, and might as well try it while we are close.

We finished our drinks, head back to the hotel, and try to plan out the rest of our day. Needless to say, this included trying to pick where we wanted to eat that night. Onto TripAdvisor we went, attempting to see what was out there. And there it was, ranked 91 out of 10,000+ restaurants in Paris, PUBLISHER. We had to read this, we had to know. (As of 8/12/2014 Publisher is ranked 50 out of 12,000+)

I won't ruin the rest of this post by telling you everything that soon! So the next day we decide is the night we will go get dinner at Publisher. After exploring Paris for the day, we are finally on our way to the restaurant we have read so much about, expectations high, hoping they would be met.

We were greeted by owner Stefan, who remembered us after we tried to buy a Guinness sign he had in the establishment that my younger brother had liked. He was friendly, upbeat, and cheerful. He was happy to tell us how he had only opened eight months ago and the way he wanted to run his restaurant was with a small menu done right. Stefan, if you read this, you have succeeded. The fish and chips at Publisher are something that I still crave, and are the reason I never want to eat fish and chips again... only because they won't be as good as Publisher's were!

Stefan talked with us about food, wine, drinks, and Boston! (Stefan, please open a restaurant here, I will be glad to visit every night.) We were happy to hear that for a person with so much passion for his business that it was doing so well. In fact, our last meal in Paris was Publisher. Stefan not only helped make our visit to Paris great with some amazing food, but by helping us decide what we should do for the remainder of our stay and making suggestions. In all, I would highly recommend Publisher to any friend, family, or person that visits Paris as a go-to restaurant, and I hope that everyone gets the chance to visit.

Joseph Hallgren

Boston, MA

Full time student, adrenaline junkie, and traveller.